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Eaton Primary School has a whole school approach to teaching English, through the embedding of various evidence-based programs into literacy  instruction. Teaching and learning also takes into account the requirements of the WA Curriculum. Students work independently and cooperatively to build their knowledge and skills in listening, speaking, reading, viewing and writing.



Our Mathematics program aims to develop students' numeracy skills in the areas of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. There is a particular emphasis on developing students' understanding, fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills and the use of mathematical language.


Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

Our focus on Positive Behaviour Support (WA PBS) recognises the importance of creating classrooms with high academic engagement, supporting an integrated approach to behaviour, learning and teaching. 

We acknowledge the impact on student behaviour of the teacher, curriculum (including pedagogy), the physical environment and a multitude of student variables. 

We also acknowledge the influence of the home, social-economic situation, cultural backgrounds, class, whole school community and wider community.


Our goal is to create a safe, positive learning environment where students are engaged and successful. Emphasis is on making positive choices and accepting responsibility for both learning and behaviour.



Visual Art

Students from Years 1-6 experience the special knowledge and skills contained in our specialist Visual Arts program. The Visual Arts program encourages students to participate and generate art that communicates their own ideas. Students create works in visual art forms such as drawing, design, painting, colour media, collage, mixed media, print-making, textiles, ceramics, and sculpture. 



Physical Education 

The Physical Education program at Eaton Primary School develops and enhances the physical activity skills for all students and encourages a healthy and active lifestyle.

In the younger years, the focus is on developing the key fundamental movement skills such as balance, locomotion and coordination. Upper primary students focus on the refinement and application of movement skills, strategies and tactics in game situations. 



All students Year 2-6 participate in Japanese language and cultural studies. Our Japanese program develops understanding and appreciation of another culture and the ability to communicate through spoken and written forms. Students learn by building on their progressive knowledge from each year level.



The Technologies curriculum covers two main topics over the year including: Digital Technology and Design and Technology. 

Digital Technologies at Eaton Primary School develops students' problem-solving skills, enabling them to think critically and creatively to design solutions now and into the future. Students engage in activities designed to increase their critical and creative thinking skills. The use of ICT, robotics and coding equipment during technology lessons provides an enriching and engaging environment. 


Students from Year 1 to Year 4 participate in 90min weekly Kitchen Garden lessons where they are supported to learn through exploration and discovery within the Technology Curriculum. 


Student’s design, plan, build, maintain and use the infrastructure necessary for a successful produce garden. By planting, growing, harvesting, cooking and eating their fresh produce, students enjoy a fun, hands-on approach to pleasurable food education.


Coding and Robotics Extension Program 

Year 5 – 6 students have the opportunity to apply for the Coding and Robotics Extension Program. Students involved in the program develop the skills and strategies necessary to compete in the International First Lego League tournament. 

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